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A Darlington Brothers Series Book 5​

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A lover of photography and adventure, Tyler Darlington was working on an assignment in the Congo when he met the love of his life, Elizabeth. They had just started to plan their life together when Elizabeth died in Tyler’s arms, leaving him heartbroken. Devastated, he returned to his hometown to work as a photographer for the family business while doing freelance work on the side. Though his family want him to move on, Tyler is sure he will never again find the love he had with Elizabeth and focuses on his work.

Though he loves working for the family business Tyler still enjoys more creative photography and when the opportunity to takes pictures of old plantations in South Carolina arrives he jumps at the chance. On the job he will be working with no-nonsense Southern belle and hardworking journalist Savanah Barrows.

As they spend a week traveling around the state visiting the old mansions and learning their history, the two get closer and a friendship is formed, though Tyler feels that there could be more. When a mansion visit goes wrong and they find themselves locked in an old cabin, they give into their feelings and spend a night making passionate love. The next day Tyler is hopeful that this could be the relationship he has been waiting for but, nervous after her past experiences, Savanah is cold and distant.

Can Tyler persuade Savanah that he isn’t like the men of her past and that his feelings are true?