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An Insta Love Alpha Male Curvy Woman Romance

(Italian Lovers Book 3)

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Will their love survive a generations-old feud?

Gianna knows he’s part of a mafia. But she wants him anyway. Determined to make their relationship work, she throws all of her energy into planning their engagement. But with high-flying emotions and fiery Italian tempers, it seems things won’t be so simple.

When Gianna’s ex-boyfriend Angelo reappears in town and starts dating her jealous, scheming co-worker, tensions run wild and Gianna watches them like a hawk. She won’t let them ruin her chances with Alessandro, no matter what dirty trick they try and pull.

But when a chance meeting with Angelo’s mother drags up a long-dead family secret, Gianna’s love with Alessandro threatens to tear itself apart. Their families have been locked in a deadly feud for generations. Faced with mending the wounds of the past, will Gianna and Alessandro be able to bring their families together? Or will the bad blood between their families destroy their engagement before it can even begin?

And all the while, the authorities come closer to discovering Alessandro’s mafia connections for themselves…

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