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A Billionaire Romance (Secret Favor Book 6)

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She thought she’d left him behind. So why can’t she forget about him?

Determined to start a brand new life as far away from the craziness of Ryan Maddison as possible, Mia pushes the past out of her mind and pours her attention into her new job. But when a meeting with a friend brings her back to her old city, the ghosts of Mia’s past – and the feelings she’s tried so hard to bury – come bubbling to the surface again. Can she ever hope to be friends with Ryan after all the drama they’ve been through?

Ever since Mia left, Ryan has been fighting to keep his business afloat. Mia’s replacement is a disaster, and the entire company is worried about their future. And after a group of employees hatch a cunning plan to bring Ryan and Mia back together, the future of their relationship – and Ryan’s happiness – is on the line.

Ryan is used to getting what he wants. So why is Mia being so difficult? Can he convince this stubborn woman to see things his way, or are they destined to go their separate ways forever?

Get ready for the gripping conclusion to Ryan and Mia’s love story. If this wild rollercoaster of drama and emotions has kept you hooked, then this page-turning finale is just the book you need. Scroll up and grab your copy now!