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Eden Spa Series Book 1

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Iris Denning lives a quiet life working at Lyndhurst, one of the top health product stores in town. When she sees a display advertising The Eden Spa at the store, she becomes curious about it. Her boss convinces her to go and she books a weekend away at the spa.

Not wanting anyone to know she’s going, she decides that for three days she will be someone else and gives a false name – Peyton Winslow. Expecting to spend the time alone she doesn’t count on meeting handsome Derrick Craigsmore and they instantly hit it off.

Iris feels alive for the first time in her life but feels terrible about lying to Derrick, afraid to tell him who she really is for fear of him rejecting her.

She decides to come clean at the end of the weekend but just as she is ready, Derrick vanishes without a word. Distraught over how he left without leaving a message, she goes home heartbroken.

Can Iris find Derrick? Can she find true love and the chance to be truly happy?

This is a Sweet, Steamy, Short Romance Story and part of the Eden Spa Series, No Cliffhangers! If you love short and sweet romances with insta love, hot steamy sexy scenes, and happily ever afters, you will definitely enjoy this one.
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