Riad Dubois: The Complete Romance Series

Riad Dubois Series Books 1 - 5


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Five full standalone Collection of SHORT Sweet Steamy Romance (Books 1-5 of the Riad Dubois Series).

Book 1 – Exotic Allure

Louise, a recently divorced, globe-trotting journalist, is on the last leg of a trip to Morocco, finishing up an assignment. The last thing she needs is distractions—that is until a handsome Frenchman catches her eye.

Gilbert, owner of a Riad, likes simplicity, but his life right now is anything but. When he lays eyes on Louise, he’s thrown even more off balance. She is the woman of his dreams.

As their attraction intensifies, it’s inevitable they’ll fall madly in love, but when Louise overhears a private conversation between Gilbert and his ex, their near-perfect relationship is sent into a tailspin.

Will they find their way back and share a happily ever after or is their relationship over before it’s begun?

Book 2 – Unexpected Passion

Helen is on a mission to Marrakesh to make sure her friend Louise isn’t making a terrible mistake – Loiuse has fallen in love with a handsome Frenchman and decided to stay forever. Helen is determined to persuade her to return to the UK but doesn’t count on meeting Aryn. Initially just trying to gain Helen’s admiration, Aryn finds that what he really wants is her respect and finds himself falling deeply in love with her.

Despite her determination to enjoy the single life Helen finds herself developing feelings far beyond a holiday fling and starts to question her life decisions.

Will Helen give in to love and make a new life in Morocco? Or will she focus on her career and return home?

Book 3 – Finding Freedom

Brad is a rebel. His middle-class upbringing taught him many life lessons, but none of them speak to his spirit and passion for music.

Simone lives a life of luxury in her native Paris, but even with all the opulence and access to anything she wants, she feels unfulfilled. Her desire is to leave the safe confines of her wealthy family and explore the world.

When Brad and Simone meet, they immediately recognize that they’re kindred spirits, but it’s not until a terrifying incident, do they realize their connection may run deeper.

Can this pair from vastly different worlds find peace, harmony, and everlasting love?

Book 4 – Endless Desire

Emma is an accomplished travel journalist based in London. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, she is awarded a vacation as a bonus and heads back to Marrakesh, Morocco, to visit her friend and colleague Louise at Riad Dubois.

Raoul, the black sheep of the Dubois family, is desperate to strike out on his own.

Emma and Raoul meet at the airport on the way to Riad Dubois and, despite a rocky start, soon find themselves drawn towards one another in a passionate romance.

Can Emma see a future in Marrakesh with Raoul? Or is the pull of London too hard to escape? Will she allow him to win her over?

Book 5 – Another Chance
Riad Dubois in Marrakech is run by happy couple Gilbert and Louise and has developed a reputation for inspiring romance. Louise’s friend Helen found love when she first visited, and is now bringing her brother Jeff, wanting to show him the magic she found before.

At the same time, Louise’s old colleague Joshua is visiting with his daughter Sophia, a hardworking nurse who needs some sunshine and rest. A recent illness has Joshua fiercely protective and determined to look after his fragile daughter. Watching the sparks between Jeff and Sophia when they first meet, Louise can’t help but wonder if the Riad will weave its magic once more.

But can Jeff stop being a policeman and relax on his vacation? Can reserved Sophia break out of her shell and allow herself to trust another person? Will love flourish in the heat of Morocco yet again?