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A Darlington Brothers Series Book 7

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She’s finally found the truth… if she can bear to accept it.

With their family business bursting with excitement and eager to launch a Christmas party to remember, the Darlington sisters-in-law meticulously plan every detail of their elaborate celebration plans.

But when surprise events pop up and throw a wrench in their plans, the sisters are forced to hire Randy’s friend – Rebel – to help them complete their party. Abandoned by her father at a young age, Rebel grew up never knowing her true family… but as they work, the sisters-in-law start to notice similarities between her and the Darlington’s.

When a long-lost family member resurfaces on death’s door, he brings with him shocking news which calls into question everything Rebel thought she knew about her past. But accepting the truth would mean realizing that she and her mother suffered for years while her family lived in luxury.

Faced with discovering who her father really is and finally reuniting with the family she secretly longs for, can Rebel unearth the truth? Or will her anger stop her from accepting her family and sabotage her budding relationship with Randy?

If you adore Christmas-inspired stories with themes of family, drama, and a hint of romance, then you’ll love this gripping novel. Scroll up and grab your copy today!