Grab Your Copy Of Raging Envy: Timothy Book 2

An Insta Love Romance

Italian Lovers 13

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Their perfect life hangs from a thread…

Timothy and Sabrina escaped the first threat to their relationship – but they’re not out of trouble yet. They’re still faced with the uphill battle of convincing their families that they’re right for one another.

Timothy’s aristocratic family resents that he’s fallen for a waitress… and with Sabrina’s sister scheming in the background, he fears that whatever cunning plan she’s dreaming up could sabotage their relationship for good.

Timothy is determined to prove his commitment to Sabrina – and between juggling his family’s demands with his football career, he has a surprise in store that he’s convinced will guarantee their future.

But when an old rival returns for revenge, their seemingly perfect life could be about to come crashing down…

Can Timothy save their romance and prove his commitment to Sabrina? Or will the obstacles to their love be too much for them to defeat?

Packed with all the exhilarating suspense and excitement of a fiery Italian romance story, Raging Envy is a thrilling read that will delight fans of Timothy and Sabrina’s adventures. Scroll up and grab your copy now!