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Fight for Love Series Book 3

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A perfect love, a planned wedding, and a terrible secret that could ruin it all…

Eager to make preparations for their dream wedding, it seems as though Amber and Jake are enjoying the perfect life. As Amber takes over the orphanage full-time and they adopt one of the children to join their budding family, Jake plans a surprise trip to celebrate their love.

But trouble is brewing… one that could shatter this young couple’s dreams. On the brink of poverty and haunted by memories from a long-gone love, Amber’s Aunt Corrine hatches a desperate plan to keep herself afloat – and Amber falls into her crosshairs.

After Amber receives a surprise wedding gift that hides a shocking discovery, it could spell the end of her and Jake’s relationship…

Can Amber and Jake create the perfect life they so desperately desire? Or will Aunt Corrine succeed in driving them apart?

Perfect for fans of wholesome romance with a dash of drama, family troubles, and a picturesque backdrop, the third book in the Fight for love series is great for any romance fan looking to get their emotional fix. Scroll up and grab your copy now!