Grab Your Copy Of Love Unbroken: Timothy Book 6

An Insta Love Romance

Italian Lovers 17

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A perfect couple, a deadly feud, and a happily-ever-after hanging in the balance…

Tensions are rising for Timothy and Sabrina. Faced with the seemingly impossible job of purging the mafia from his soccer club, Timothy must juggle his career with the demands of his upcoming wedding. But when Sabrina goes missing, his world is thrown into chaos.

Racing to rescue her from the Mafia before it’s too late, Timothy must fight against Sabrina’s fiery independence and convince her to trust him. He wants nothing more than to keep her safe – but she can’t bring herself to open up and let him protect her.

Can Sabrina find it in herself to let go of her independence and learn to trust Timothy? Or will their happily-ever-after be shattered before they have a chance to build a new life together?

As the electrifying conclusion to Timothy and Sabrina’s Italian love story, this scintillating finale is bursting at the seams with drama, romantic suspense, and a splash of danger that’s bound to give you a rollercoaster of emotion. Scroll up and grab your copy now to dive in…