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Can their forbidden romance survive against the odds?
The last thing on suave playboy and adrenaline-fueled racing star Lorenzo Giovanni’s mind is love. Married to his career and pursuing his dreams of being a top F1 racing champion, he’s more than satisfied with quick flings and short-term hook-ups.

But when he stumbles into Nina, a beautiful Italian girl with an heritage just like his own, a spark begins to simmer between them that Lorenzo has never felt before. There’s only one problem – their families hate each other.

Roping in an old friend to play matchmaker between the pair, Lorenzo becomes determined to prove he’s not the cocky, reckless adrenaline junkie that everyone thinks he is. While Nina struggles with her family and Lorenzo grapples with one career scandal after another, it seems like no matter what they do, their racy love affair is always one step away from disaster.

Can Lorenzo win Nina’s heart and find a way to bridge the gap between their families? Or will the obstacles standing between them be too much for their forbidden romance to handle?

If you adore fiery Italian romance novels with heated family drama, plenty of suspense, and a tantalizing romance that’s guaranteed to take you on an unforgettable rollercoaster of emotion, the complete Lorenzo box set is a fun and passionate read that has a surprise around every corner. Scroll up and grab your copy now to start reading…