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A Billionaire Romance (Secret Favor Book 5)

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With her future on the line, will love take a back seat?

Fighting to prove her innocence and running out of options, Mia begins to slowly reclaim her life once new evidence appears to clear her name. There’s only one problem – it could spell the end of her and Ryan. Tired of living in the spotlight and being surrounded by drama, Mia craves peace and quiet – and that might be impossible with Ryan by her side…

Ryan wants nothing more than to see Mia clear her name. He hopes that when she’s free, she’ll finally realize how perfect they are together. But when she returns to the company with big dreams – and big doubts – he’s faced with the terrifying possibility of her leaving him forever.

Will these two ever get their happily-ever-after? Or will Mia have to make the hardest decision of her life and say goodbye to Ryan for good?

With more relationship trouble brewing on the horizon for Ryan and Mia, the next scintillating book in the Secret Favor series strikes the perfect balance between sexual tension and business drama. If you love gripping romance tales with plenty of ups and downs, then scroll up and grab your copy today.