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A Darlington Brothers Series Book 6

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A sea of ​​doubts stands between them. Will they ever find happiness?

Carefree and deeply artistic, Joey Darlington is eager to kickstart his new interior design business with the help of his close friend Carey Williams. Joey never had a problem smooth talking ladies – and he’s far too content with their friends-with-benefits arrangement to ever think about relationships.

But when the hot and fiery Sasha Brightly walks through his door, Joey falls head over heels for her. Sweeping her under his wing, he shows her the ropes of the business and they soon become inseparable. And when a walk on a starlit beach culminates in passionate lovemaking, Joey knows he’s found the one.

But Carey won’t let him slip away so easily. Determined to keep him for herself, she vows to destroy their budding relationship before it can even begin. After a massive competition brings Joey and Sasha face-to-face once more, tensions flair as untold secrets bubble to the surface. Can Joey find the truth and convince Sasha that he loves her? And will Sasha overcome her doubts to become Joey’s lover once more?

If you’re a fan of short and sexy love stories with plenty of passion and hair-raising suspense, then you’ll love the scintillating next book in the Darlington Brothers series. Grab your copy and dive in today!