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A Darlington Brothers Series Book 2

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Along with his brothers, Jason Darlington is a successful real estate agent with the Darlington good looks and charm. His other passion is Point Blank, his rock-and-roll band in which he is the lead singer and guitarist. Between his work and music, as well as the endless supply of willing groupies, his life is perfect and he has no complaints.

But while on the tour of a lifetime, the backup singer for Point Blank falls ill and they have to quickly find a replacement, leading them to hire Sybil Earle. As they perform together, Jason and Sybil can’t resist fate and are drawn irresistibly to each other. But when they return home secrets are unearthed, souring their budding relationship, and they both go their separate ways, desperate to move on with their lives.

Even when they are about to reunite, destiny seems determined to keep the lovers apart, even putting Sybil’s life in danger, until Sybil leaves everything behind and moves to England to focus on her music.

Can Jason convince Sybil that they belong together and fight the forces trying to keep them away from each other?