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An Insta Love Alpha Male Curvy Woman Romance

(Italian Lovers Book 2)

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She’s fallen in love with a mobster.

Back in Manhattan and preparing for a nerve-wracking date night, Alessandro grapples with how to tell Gianna about his secret. Despite the drama hanging over Alessandro’s head and a scheming co-worker trying to win him over for herself, Alessandro is determined to make their date night a success… and when the night finally arrives, it ends with passionate love-making beyond their wildest dreams.

But Gianna can sense Alessandro is hiding something from her. Infuriated with her co-worker and his inability to be truthful, she takes the matter into her own hands – and soon discovers the terrible truth. Furious at his elaborate lie and feeling deeply betrayed, their relationship threatens to tear itself apart.

Gianna has already been hurt by one Italian. Can she bear to be betrayed by another? And can Alessandro convince her to ever trust him again?

Packed with sizzling romance and filled to the brim with exhilarating tension, the second instalment in the Italian Lovers series will keep you hooked on every page. If you like romance with a twist, then you won’t want to miss Hidden Secrets. Grab your copy today!