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An Insta Love Alpha Male Curvy Woman Romance

(Italian Lovers Book 6)

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Love always sorts itself out – or does it?

Haunted by the feelings she still has for Alessandro, Gianna tries everything she can to shake the memories of their love. If she can just let her feelings for Lorenzo carry her away, she knows she’ll finally find the happiness she’s after. But the doubts won’t go away.

When Alessandro’s family sets him up with Nina, he can’t help but feel his heart flutter whenever they meet… a time spent with Nina threatens to drive Gianna from his mind for good. Alessandro soon finds himself caught between his budding relationship with Nina and his secret longing for Gianna.

But with Christmas around the corner and the pressure growing for him to make a choice, a chance meeting with Gianna brings their emotions crashing to the surface. Lorenzo knows they’re supposed to be together – and he sees the way Nina looks at him. Perhaps this entire thing is actually a blessing disguised as a love misfortune…

Can Lorenzo find a way to get Gianna and Alessandro back together? Or are they doomed to go their separate ways forever?

Buckle up for the electrifying next instalment of the Italian Lovers series. With drama, love, and choices which will change Gianna and Alessandro’s lives forever, Forever Love will keep you hooked from the very first page. Grab your copy now!