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Fight for Love Series Book 1

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She thought she found the perfect man…

Jobless, lonely, and stuck living with her lazy aunt, Amber Paige struggles to find her direction in life after being dumped by her jetsetter parents. But when she attracts the attention of the handsome and charming Jake McCarthy – art fanatic and most-waned bachelor – he offers her a job at his gallery.

Amber jumps at the chance to work with him… and despite their best efforts to keep things professional, their emotions soon get the better of them and they find their way into each other’s arms. Amber feels like she’s finally found the love she’s been missing her entire life. But Jake is hiding a secret – one that could threaten not only their budding relationship, but both of their lives…

Is Jake really all he’s cracked up to be? And once Lily discovers the truth behind him, can she keep their love alive?

Gear up for a short and spicy romance adventure like no other. With loveable characters and a whimsical backdrop, Flame is a fun and suspenseful story that will get you invested from the first page. Scroll up and grab your copy now!