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Two opposites, brought together by fate.

Beneath the illusion of Amber Paige’s seemingly perfect life hides a lonely girl with no direction in life. Dumped by her parents on a stranger she barely knows, Amber faces the daunting task of carving out her future all on her own. Meanwhile, alienated from his estranged mother and determined to escape the family home whenever he can, Jake McCarthy is an art fanatic and the most wanted bachelor in their small town.

As fate draws this unlikely pair together, an adventure beings to unfold that intertwines their futures and forces them to explore their deepest beliefs around love – all in a passionate affair that just goes to show, you never truly know what’s happening behind closed doors…

As the fun and light-hearted prequel to the sweet and spicy romance series fight for love, Amber and Jake’s blossoming love story will take you on a touching and memorable journey into love. Scroll up and grab your copy now.