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Riad Dubois Series Book 1

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Louise, a recently divorced, globe-trotting journalist, is on the last leg of a trip to Morocco, finishing up an assignment. With colleagues in tow, she’s eager to complete her mission and move on. The last thing she needs is distractions—that is until a handsome Frenchman catches her eye.

Gilbert, owner of a Riad, likes simplicity, but his life right now is anything but. Desperate to break ties with his ex, he isn’t as sure-footed as normal. When he lays eyes on Louise, he’s thrown even more off balance. She is the woman of his dreams.

As their attraction intensifies, it’s inevitable they’ll fall madly in love, but when Louise overhears a private conversation between Gilbert and his ex, their near-perfect relationship is sent into a tailspin.

Will they find their way back and share a happily ever after or is their relationship over before it’s begun?