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Disaster is brewing… and their relationship is in the crosshairs.

Sick of the political game that has become his life, Everett wants nothing more than to put his difficulties behind him and either make peace with his father… or leave him behind for good. But when all his pent-up frustrations finally spill over, it could spell disaster for his future – and for Lana.

Lana has always done what her family thought is right – but years of loyalty and biting her tongue could never have prepared her for this. Pushed to her breaking point and faced with the possibility of losing Everett forever, she might have to make the ultimate sacrifice if she wants to realize her dreams with him.

With the press hounding her heels and the love of her life on the verge of a breakdown, Lana will have to answer some tough questions to save their relationship from the brink. They’ve stuck together through thick and thin… but this next challenge could be too much for either of them to overcome.

Can Everett and Lana find a way to have the best of both worlds? Or will they be forced to face reality and give into their families’ demands?

Tensions are rising for this forbidden couple… and they might not make it out in one piece. Bursting with all the thrills of a charming romantic adventure, Everett Book 5 is turning up the heat on Lana and Everett – and you won’t want to miss out on what happens next. Scroll up and grab your copy now!