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The world is stacked against them. Can their love survive against the odds?

It seems like no matter how hard Everett tries, Lana finds a way to slip between his fingers. With election season right around the corner and far more drama brewing in his company than he can handle, he’s forced to take a step aside and put his dreams on the back burner. As much as Everett and his father don’t see eye to eye, the last thing they need is to get tangled up with Russians in the middle of a political campaign.

On the other side of the globe, Lana struggles to keep her father’s company afloat. Faced with the impossible task of getting him out of jail and smoking out the enemies lurking within his own company, her burning desire for Everett is the only thing keeping her hopes up. Her one solace comes in the form of a magical weekend getaway that makes her believe that somehow, they’ll make it through this in one piece.

But more trouble is brewing behind their backs… and when Lana receives a shocking call, it throws her head-first back into chaos. As she and Everett fight battles on both sides of the Atlantic, Lana begins to wonder if maybe their lives would be easier if they would walk away…

Can Everett and Lana overcome the latest storm? Or will outside forces leave the cards stacked against them?

As a wild and drama-fueled adventure that’s rife with forbidden passion and page-turning romantic suspense, the fun and gripping third book in the Love and Loyalty series is perfect for any romance fan who craves their next emotional fix. Scroll up and grab your copy now!