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She swears they’re only friends. But can they fight their feelings?

Rash, reckless, and no stranger to trouble, notorious bad boy Everett Morance is a senator’s son who can’t seem to stay out of scandals. But when he’s shipped off to a no-nonsense boarding school on the other side of the globe, Everett realizes that it’s the perfect opportunity to spread his wings away from his father’s watchful eye.

Few students can take their eyes off Lana Bishop – and Everett is no exception. He becomes determined to win over this mysterious, enigmatic beauty… even if she’s dead-set on keeping him at arm’s length. But for Everett, there’s nothing he likes more than a challenge. Shut away in the mountains of Switzerland, Everett feels like he has all the time in the world to fan the flames of the mutual attraction that lurks just beneath the surface…

Can Everett put aside his troublemaking ways and make something of his future? Or will his bad-boy persona only serve to drive Lana away?

As the fun and enchanting prequel to the (series name) series, this gripping novella is a lighthearted story that’s perfect for readers who adore unlikely romance with no shortage of drama, bad boys, and simmering emotions. Scroll up and grab your copy now…