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Fight for Love Series Book 4

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Photos don’t lie. But is the truth all that it seems?

Furious and heartbroken at Jake’s betrayal, Amber storms off to make some space and collect her thoughts. Jake is adamant that he’s innocent, but she knows that photos don’t lie… or do they?

As Jake fights to clear his name and win back Amber’s heart, their future hangs precariously in the balance. Jake knows he’d never hurt Amber, and her lack of trust breaks his heart… if only he could convince her of the truth.

Meanwhile, as Aunt Corrine digs herself into a deeper hole, the pieces of this puzzling mystery begin to slot together. But as Jake and Amber walk on thin ice, there’s one more surprise in store for them both…

Can they work through the latest threat to their relationship? Or have all of their future dreams been for nothing?

Things are heating up for Jake and Amber. If you’ve enjoyed following their scintillating love story so far, then Delusion is a must-read for you. From relationship drama and family troubles to tender lovemaking, this book is perfect for romance fans looking for a wild and suspenseful adventure.