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A tantalizing boxset of the popular Darlington Brothers series.

The six brothers of the Darlington family have it all. They have the dashing looks, the magnetic charm, and a successful family business to boot. With their futures cut out for them, there’s only one thing they’re each missing – relationships. And as these alphas will soon find out, even when you’re as rich and successful as they are, finding the right girl is no easy task…

With a riveting collection of sweet and spicy romance tales, the Darlington Brothers series will take you on an exhilarating rollercoaster of emotions. Packed with passion, drama, and romance which will make or break these brothers’ futures, this series will keep you guessing as you discover one heart-pounding story after the next.

With old conflicts bubbling up, plenty of heartache and arguments, and magnetic chemistry which takes things to the next level, this boxset is perfect for romance fans who love to be kept guessing. Can the Darlington brothers find the love they’ve always wanted? And what will fate throw at them in their quest to have it all?

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