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(Italian Lovers Book 1)

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He’s afraid of losing her – but can he tell her the truth?

Determined to fulfill his dream of being a restaurateur, Alessandro makes the difficult decision to move from his home in Italy to New York… and while working in a busy Manhattan café, he meets the beautiful Gianna. They share the same Italian heritage, and a spark begins to kindle whenever they meet.

But Alessandro is hiding a dark secret. His family is part of the Mafia. Afraid of losing her and struggling to keep his real identity hidden as he grows closer and closer to Gianna, he waits for the right time to divulge his mob connections.

When an important date falls apart due to a family emergency, Alessandro is forced to leave Gianna and travel to Italy… and when he arrives, he discovers that the family drama in the Mafia is only just getting started. Can Alessandro find a way to tell Gianna the truth? And can he find a way to balance his dreams for the future with his mob-related past?

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