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Beautiful Rachel works as the Front Desk Manager at the Chiltern Hotel. Having gone through two terrible breakups where she was lied to and cheated on, Rachel decides to swear off men and relationships for good.

When the computers crash at the hotel, sending everyone into a panic, Rachel meets handsome Chris, the new IT guy and owner of the computer company. When the electricity between them becomes too much, Rachel gives in to his charm and spends a night in heated passion − only to push him away the next morning. Angry with herself for letting him get close, Rachel tells Chris she has no feelings for him and refuses to have any contact with him.

Will the hunky IT guy manage to win over the sexy Manager? Or will she continue to deny her true feelings?

This is a Sweet, Steamy, Short Romance Story and part of the Chiltern Hotel Series, No Cliffhangers! If you love short and sweet romances with insta love, hot steamy sexy scenes, and happily ever afters, you will definitely enjoy this one.

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